Saturday, November 29, 2008


1/29/06-call placed by the Sports Soundoff with Gov Vilsac in studio, when I raised awareness by pointing out that Traverse City/Ann Arbor, Michigan approved medi-chronic paitient needs. Michigan
is also home to Super Bowl XL. After call host Keith Murphy repeated "GO STEELERS, SUPPORT MEDICAL CANNABIS", then Andy Fales commented about having a" medical-marijuana terrible towel & waving a pot-plant"
COMING SOON REV. GREEN CD featuring calls to George Lopez hosting the JimRomeShow, Steve Deace 'Deace in the Afternoon',Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsac& the' SportsSoundoff Crew',and more.........
Iowa Statehouse February 20th 2006, PRESIDENTS DAY
MARCH 4. People's Bar&Grill Ames IA-LONG BEACH SHORT BUS via Badfish ExpressAFROMAN 3/23/06HouseOfBricks
ROB BORSELLINO ALS BENEFIT CONCERT FEATURING BOB DYLAN w/Merle Haggard VAL AIR BALLROOM -WDM IA 4-twentyOne-06 (represented by Johnny Reeferseed)
World Marijuana Protest Day MAY 6- IOWA STATE CAPITOL
If you just google search medical marijuana/mulitple sclerosis, you will find that those of us suffering from this disease have found the most effective relief is cannabis, with little or no side effects other than taking a legal risk.

Those of us who may have been stricken with Cancer, Chrohn’s disease, Arthritis, Aids/HIV, chronic fatigue, wasting disorders, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis,ALS,Lupus, degenerative disks,etc......Iowa lawmakers want
US to move to another state. A state where you won’t be subject to the same
penalties as a meth user if you get caught with less than 1 gram of your medicine.
Patients of Iowa UNITE
If we can grow it, we will stay..........IOWA Lawmakers please ease our pain
If you overheard someone say Iowan’s lack compassion, would/could you defend your homeland ?
A shame, because I believe in Iowans, and I believe one day soon there will be a national
policy for compassionate care.

A N.I.C.E.R. choice needs to be in place as well. (N.eccesary I.nitiative.C.oncerningE.njoyableR.ecreation), mirroring the Denver CO SAFER Project. In the late 80’s,
early 90’s I went to Vegas a time or 10. Seeing slot’s at a gas station/store is the norm
there, now here in Iowa,look we have slot’s at EVERY gas station.

Nevada has an initiative for just like Denver in 2006, only this will be statewide.
All we here about is “Why are people moving away from Iowa in droves? “ If we
want to be like Nevada, make medical marijuana legal as well as a N.I.C.E.R. choice.

Now, living in Denver or Des Moines where your medicine is legal in one state but not the other is a tough decision.

Compare a pot field to a meth lab.

marijuana field = environment good meth lab = environment BAD

There is no comparison.
Why are the fines the same for simple possession?

A person can do life in prison for cultivation of marijuana and do life in prison. Another
man may kill someone, and be in prison for only eight years.

Soon, Wisconsin and Minnesota will be home to Iowa medi-chronic refugees who have
fled the most fertile soil in our country, to avoid this injustice. I didn't choose MS, it chose me, I should have the right to choose a safe,effective, alternative, cheaper, natural pain reliever that provides little or no side effects.

Rev. Ray Green

I - C.C.A.N. Director
link to living proof that is the modern miracle of medical marijuana

On either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare 12 manner of fruits, and yielding her fruit every month; and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. (Revelations 22:1-2)